domenica 5 febbraio 2017

A year zero?

I have finally accumulated enough thoughts to start publishing some online materials about what I do.

This is not a year zero since my year zero is long gone. Rather it is a glance into my most recent trainings, philosophies, ideas, researches, evidence based studies and travels. I would say that I have no idea where this boat will end, but I have a pretty clear direction of where this is going. Pure jazz.

Cappucciata, Abruzzo, Italy - survival mode on
So welcome to my jungle you people - whether you are rigid scholars or wild animals, you will find some interesting (..ah! That’s what I say) material to relate to in this virtual platform.

You will not find any sort of plagiarism in my work here since that’s not how progress is made. To do that instead, investigation beyond the event horizon is required, and it is much harder. Anyhow, if a piece of writing is not a product of my creative process you will find a reference list at the end of the post.

Get ready for some action, folks!


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