martedì 20 febbraio 2018

The one arm handstand Journey: A valuable tool or a worthless toy?

Anything that we do in our practices can have completely different meanings and impacts on our lives. We can choose to use different tools to produce countless outcomes.

For example, training a handstand can be oriented towards aesthetics, general body development or just because it’s cool.

I think this approach is limited because it doesn’t add up to create any bigger picture.

The reasons why I find a one arm handstand a valuable tool is that it’s hard to reach.

-       It develops a phenomenal work ethics
-       It makes the practitioner see a transformation in the body by sticking to a goal for YEARS.
-       It will give a meaning to the phrase: trusting a process.
-       It will allow to develop correct feedback loops to progress
-       It teaches to control frustration.
-       From a physical stand point it teaches you balance on your hands (non-transferrable to other activities) and works on your arms’ support capacity.

Those who are playing with it, here and there, will gain absolutely nothing from it, besides some enjoyable hours of life which could be better spent off walking on the mountains, swimming in the open sea, drinking a good tea while chatting with friends.

A project has a beginning but most importantly has AN END. Then, everything will start to make sense…

On a last note: Can I switch it for something else? Of COURSE, you can or rather, you should. Always move on, change it up, but don’t lose the core.

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