lunedì 2 aprile 2018

New Website

Hey folks!

My new website is finally out.

Thanks for all the people that help me get to this point. Without you all guys I would be nothing. Arianna Barbin for the endless support, Raffaele Najjar for finding inside the video making the same quality I seek in Movement, Simone Pessotto for helping me with the website coding and appearance, Nicolò Geretto for your graphic skills and your loyalty, St. Mary's University for constant directions in the academic field in my strength and conditioning MSc, The ParkourWave team for overall inspiration through the years, and ultimately Ido Portal & Odelia Goldschmidt for bringing clarity, guidance and for believing in me.. you made all the difference.

In this virtual space, you can find my services hanging on my dreams.

Exciting times. Check it out at

Welcome to my new universe,