martedì 9 maggio 2017

More balancing complexes

Hi guys,

I am posting four more balancing complexes. Use them while spending your life on the bars. Don’t focus too much on what a joint SHOULD do beforehand, let your body reorganize its structure once it reacts to the situation. Focus on the task. That’s what we are good at: solving riddles. 


A1. Transverse front spin

A2. Stand sit stand
A3. Cat balance full turn

A4. Back to front lying

Get A1-A4 as a superset x 10/8/6/6/6 each exercise alternating side. Rest after A4 as much as you need to regain your focus, drink some water, get back on the bar.


Find a new solution to the stand sit stand and to the back to front lying riddles.

Careful not to get stuck in these for too long. Use them, slightly refine them and move on.

Next week I will post a big one upon parkour plyometrics – get your tendons ready,


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