sabato 4 marzo 2017

Rail balance - practical trainings part 2

Hi guys, as promised - back on the bar!

I have been hearing some feeds here and there, and the first circuit is working good ..or to better say is tickling many minds. Curiosity can be a far more interesting phenomenon to explore, develop and promote compared to inspiration.
Where inspiration is a red big bang, curiosity is more subtle - like a small spider walking into your ear as you sleep to make you wonder and wonder for a longer period of time.

It’s not that I refuse inspiration - it can play a huge role in boosting one’s motivation. I just believe it is overestimated and, as a booster, it can have a shorter nature compared to many other qualities.

Anyhow, this bar is not going to be walked by itself, off with the second circuit:

Intermediates - Circuit 2

Warm up

Forward and back walk (at height) – spend 5 mins without ever coming down
Shake it out on the ground.


A1. Hands behind the back / head / in pockets. The bottom line is, don’t use them! X 25/25 steps forward/backward
A2. Complex 1 - Side to front cross-step to back cross-step x 5/5 (switch side after each cluster)
A3. Complex 2 - Cat walk into forward walk x 10 in total
A4. Complex 3 - Squats to lunges x 10 in total

Try and complete A1-A4 in the least amount of time possible without decreasing the quality. X 2 sets / rest until your focus does not pop into your legs and feet again.

Bar drills 

B1. Bar turns x 10/10 reps - switch side each time
B2. Front position bar head touches (regress them using fists as markers) x 5/5 reps
B3. Side position to straight legs jump into same position x 10 total reps (do a very small jump, just let your feet off the bar, it should be enough for now)

Try and complete B1-B3 in the least amount of time possible without decreasing the quality. X 3 sets / rest until your focus does not pop into your legs and feet again.


C1. Bar mounts - one leg swing up x 25/25 total reps - switch leg each time / rest as much as you need in between the reps

To make the circuit harder, just increase the height of the bar.


This work will not exhaust you since it is made of a lot of small neuromuscular refinements, I suggest high frequency training. Minimum 4-6 times x week for at least a 3-4 weeks period to start getting some good results. Don’t underestimate rail balancing, something great can grow out of this.

Some more rebalancing tips:

  • Think about the boat rule. What would you do if the sea goes wild when you are standing on a boat? You would lower your COM, you’d widen your stance to reorganize your structure in a better position as fast as possible. Every millisecond counts.
  • Throw your limbs HARD in a last strife to counter balance.
  • And the most important one - Fight! You have not fallen until you fall.

Soon the advanced variations on this topic,

Good balancing!


*Neologism I came up with to indicate dynamic “rambling” sequences on a bar.

*Music in video: Barbatuques - “Baiana” - which means ..curiosity ;)

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