giovedì 9 marzo 2017

Rail balance - practical trainings part 3

Hey guys, welcome to the last episode of this rail balancing journey. This time I will give some directions for everyone that can eat a whole meal on a bar.

Try and look at the work behind what I am doing and you will see what’s beyond. What do I mean? That it’s nice to see others’ exercises but not as constructive as creating yours. There is a profound importance in the creation process, that is not only the creation itself. You can buy or steal a beautiful vase, sure, but your potential of creating more vases remains unaltered. If you start creating something new (even if horrible at the beginning) your potential to create will now start to grow. One step at a time.
I will give you some ideas on how this pure theoretical concept might actually become an extremely practical tool in the next few weeks.

Here we go! Oh and if you manage to perform a rodeo both sides without falling off the bar send it to me, I will send you an ice cream back. Promise.

Advanced - circuit 3

Warm up

Blind balancing walking x 5 min work.


A1. Running on a bar variations - feet turned out (FTO)
A2. Running on a bar variations - foot in, foot out (FIFO)
A3. Complex 1 - Side position to side cat walk to side jump
A4. Complex 2 - Side position to low cartwheel to front cross step resolve to front foot half pivot
A5. Complex 3 - Front position to front sit half turn into dragon squat

Perform A1-A2 x 10 total mins. Focusing on breaking and turning and on getting comfortable with falling from the bar with dignity. Then do A3-A5 x 5 min each complex focusing on making it feel effortless.


B1. Complex 4 - kneeling to full squat to sitting and back
B2. Complex 5 - Back lying into pistol, switch leg, back
B3. Rodeo
B4. One leg side position - head motion: side to side

Pick one between B1 and B4 and spend up to 20 mins to perfect it.

Bar mounts

C1. Bar mounts - Eel-fish x 25 successful reps.

As a conclusion I'd say don’t over think guys your body knows more than your mind. Drop the excuses, the bar is short, wet, it's dark, small shakes ..yes. And so? You just need to spend more time on it, if it's not comfortable it's just more interesting.

Good balance people,
Until next time.


* Music in video - Lenine - Jack Soul Brasileiro.
* I don't remember where I saw the Rodeo, but it's not a movement that I came up with.

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