sabato 29 luglio 2017

Hanging dynamics - first timers

People of the world,

Here I am, back from the big workshops in Denmark and already on the road towards Paris. Glad to see that the materials are being studied, practiced and of course, criticized. Shoot at me with your best weapon, it will be my fuel.

Today we are going to get forward into a new project I am developing with my good friend Ševo Saša from Skochypsticks – Hanging Dynamics. We have been working hard for long hours of practice every day to bring this to life, and I will share three routines with the world to give an idea about what this is all about.

This concept is born from the knowledge that there is an integrity in our systems that cannot be neglected, and this integrity can be trained and challenged to reach its maximum potential.

Matter of this research was to explore and develop different elements to build a method that can bring everyone to explore these possibilities.

The upper body strength is limited by how much a person can grip, and how that quality is managed into and by our system.
Storing and utilizing elastic energy, finding a balance between tension and relaxation, distributing friction forces on different areas are some of the pieces of the puzzle that are needed to win this game.

Gripping and hanging (check out the work of my friend and big inspiration Ido) from a bar is extremely relevant when developing the basis for healthy shoulders, don’t get me wrong. But to build a real hanging capacity for wrists, elbows, shoulders, scapulae and to properly connect them to the rest of the structure, brachiations and swings are needed. A ton of them. Same as running. But guess what? If you were running 100 years ago you can bet they would have pointed at you laughing. It all about perceptions and social conditioning, let’s get rid of them to get back on track, if you want to put in some work, that’s a solid direction.

I will talk more about this as we progress in this journey. By now, get your hands ready – they will look like macacos’ butts soon.
An advice? Do not break your skin. Again: do not break your skin. If you break it in the beginning it’s over. Manage your ammos people. Opening now is like going full in a game you know you’ll lose, without even bluffing! You have been warned.

Now, game on:

Hanging dynamics – first timers

Warm ups

A1. Active hangs – 3 positions x 3-5 reps x 2 sets
B1. Swingings – 3 positions x 3-5 reps x 2 sets


In half tempo.

C1. Pronated grip brachiations x 5-7 reps
C2. Neutral grip brachiations x 5-7 reps
C3. Supinated grip brachiations (use the thumb) x 5-7 reps

C1-C3 as a superset x 5 total sets / rest 60 sec between sets and 180 after C3 – shake and stretch as you recover.


Swings - start and stop x 3-5 reps x 3 sets
Swings turns (half tempo) x 2/2 reps alternating sides x 3-5 sets


-       What happens if you are about to open in C3? YOU STOP and you come back tomorrow.
-       My skin is gone. What should I do? Deal with it! I told you to take care.

Frequency: How often is that? I would train these routines 2-3 times per week as a beginner depending on how the connective tissues will respond. Stick to this training for 4-6 weeks and master all the exercises before moving on into a harder progression.

That’s it, soon I will post the intermediate routines – get the work done, brachiate and grow,


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  1. Hi Marcello,

    Hanging in pronation isn't yet comfortable - my wrists feel like they're going to pop, so I've been avoiding it. Any tips/modifications to accelerate that?