lunedì 31 luglio 2017

Hanging dynamics - intermediate

Hi people,

Let’s begin. Same as before but new routine from me and Sasa. 
Don’t move into this one unless you hit max reps in the previous one. Don’t assume you can do it, try it first.
Now we are starting to experiment with different elements and combinations in hand placement and some drills to transfer dynamically from one bar to another. Still very structured, but these basics cannot be neglected. On a note. Don't forget to use a full tempo now. We don't want double swings when going into the brachiation. Go straight into it and catch up with the rhythm behind each "step".

Here we go, try it out:

Warm ups

A1. Hanging grippers x 10-15 reps x 3 sets / 60 sec rest
B1. Joints taps – 1-3 macrosets x 2 sets / 60-90 sec rest


C1. Full pronation to full pronation (easy variation) x 7-10 reps
C2. Full pronation to supination x 7-10 reps
C3. Pronation to supination x 7-10 reps

C1-C3 as a superset x 5 total sets / rest 60 sec between sets and 3-5 mins after C3 – shake and stretch as you recover. Take care of your skin


Swings – 180 turns x 3/3 reps alternating sides x 3 sets / increase the height of the swing

Lache to lache x 3/3 reps alternating sides x 3-5 sets / increase the distance of the bars

We can call it a day. 
Let me know your questions and see you soon for the advanced routine,


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