venerdì 4 agosto 2017

Hanging Dynamics - Advanced

Last routine for you hanging creatures from me and Sevo Sasa. On this one we are going to apply some of the elements learned so far and focus on some subtleties in the one arm release. Remember that these are just a choice of some exercises, not the whole research. However, I believe they are important starting stones. Same goes for the prehab and the conditionings specific to this kind of work. I am not posting these now, but I will in the future. This are just three main sessions.

Let me go through the exercises.

Warm ups
A1. Front hang into cross fingers x 15/15 reps - in the least time possible
On this one, nothing much to say, some risk is involved, it’s hard to get, you cannot do it unless you focus. Great to get into the practice without wasting time.

B1. One arm swing repattern x 20/20
On this one start almost in a passive hang, don’t jump into it. Release the leg and get into the swing. Try to keep that little active hang in an isometric fashion. Extremely important here. Don’t underestimate this exercise it might change the way you brachiate for real.

Main work

C1. Pronated one arm brachiation – full tempo – 10 x 5 sets
Classic one. Try to get a continuous motion, without pauses.
D1. Brachiation x 30-60 sec
Improvise all the way. Keep switching the grips.

Full pronation to full pronation (hard variation) x 5 back and forth x 5
Hard on the rotator cuff. Super strong internal rotation. Activate (depress the shoulder) as much as you can.

Swing into support x 10 mins work
Think with your heels and draw a long circle backward.

/ rest as you need.

A lot of work here – if you want to learn this and much more live, next year many workshop will be available. Stay tuned and keep practicing.

Have a good one,
Until next time.


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