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Parkour Wall Routine - Beginners block 1

Hi guys,

Today I am posting the first wall routine of this series. I believe this is an extremely valuable tool for building a specific capacity in the body that can later be spent when working on isolated elements without fatigue in between.
 Routines are a good implement in anyone’s training because they can be applied to many people at once and they are easy to be scaled down – so for all the coaches out there, this can be applied straight away to most of your students at once and get excellent results.

Strength endurance is a key quality to be developed in parkour training since it allows a person to utilize the skills when needed. Same goes for long durations trainings i.e. discovery / exploration scenarios where the problems to solve can be various and continuative.

Getting the mind and the body ready to handle subtle coordination patterns under stress will ingrain those movement in the body and that kind of strength will stay with that person1. Thus, longer than just building a general capacity through more general tools.

Basically, if you want to get better at manipulating your body on a wall, guess what, you need to manipulate yourself over, around, under and beyond it. The challenge is to add exercises that are complicated enough to put the right stress on the body and promote adaptation.

Parkour Wall routine – beginner block 1

- Overgrip grip climb up x 1-3 reps
- Support legs slides x 5 reps
- Shoulder stand x 5 sec
- Feet on wall reverse wall dips x 1-3 reps
- L-sit x 5 sec
- Iso holds top / middle / low x 5 sec each one

How to place it in our programming? Good question Palozzo, then, it’s a tool so as such it can have different prescriptions:

- Use it to build strength endurance in a period where you are working on building a basic capacity for the body in parkour training - go for 4-6 sets with a 3-4 mins rest in between – frequency: 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks before a deload, depending on how your body will react to this.

- Use it as an assistance routine after your main strength work, to target some specific endurance / vary the stimulus in your training – go for 3 sets with a 2-3 mins rest in between.

- Use it as a maintenance tool - go for 3 sets of max reps – aim to reduce work:rest times to a 1:1 ratio – frequency: 1-2 times per week for 1-3 months before switching it around.

- Use it as a warm up - go for 1-2 sets to get your body tuned and ready.

As a small note, this is not even close to the best thing you can do if you want to build pure strength, strength speed, speed or similar qualities. For that I would suggest stepping back and leaving the routine aside when you will have different goals in mind. Make sure you can perform the single elements before integrating them.

Questions welcome,

1.  Stone, M. H., et. al. (2000). Training Principles: Evaluation of Modes and Methods of Resistance Training. National Strength & Conditioning Association, 22(3), 65–76.

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