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Parkour Wall routine - Intermediate block 1

Hey guys,

To answer your questions about:

Regressing the routines.
 Yes, do regress each element if needed.
Scale down the exercise choosing a variation that is appropriate for your current level and go into harder variations throughout the weeks.
 i.e. a full position in a shoulder stand is too hard? Good. Start with a tuck, then move to an advanced tuck, then into a straddle and then finally into the full position.

Progressing the routines.
The routines are disconnected one to the other. That means that repeating the first routine will not automatically unlock the next one. The elements in each one will mostly be new, more complex and will have a higher mechanical leverage.
Each new bit needs to be perfected before integrating it into the plurality of motion of the routine. The quality needs to remain high!

So, let’s move into our second routine:

Parkour Wall routine – intermediate block 1

- Straight arms overgrip climb up x 1-3 reps
- 90° lean dips x 1-3 reps
- Bent arm planche x 5 sec
- V-sit x 5 sec
- Alternating archer wall pull ups x 1-3 reps per arm

How to place it in our programming? Let me write again the prescriptions.

Go for 4-6 sets with a 5 mins rest in between.
Frequency: 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks before a deload, depending on how your body will react to this.

Small conversation between the determined kid (K) and me (M) in the video:

M: Hello.
K: What are you doing?
M: I am training.
K: Parkour?
M: Yes.
K: Well, I also train in parkour.
M: Oh really? Where?
K: I don’t know yet, I did not choose yet. I just know I will do parkour.


If you want to know the prescription to use it as an assistance work or as a maintenance tool, check my previous post. Next week the advanced routine will come, with an in depth explanation of why I chose these exercises and in this order.

Questions welcome,

Music: Gallery Six - EPV_083 - 01 Connect with Gallery Six. The track is written, mixed and mastered by Hidekazu Imashige.

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